AOSpine Principles Course

Treatment of Trauma Injuries of the Spine
Moscow, Russia, 03 June 2010

Faculty dinner

Aslan Valiev expertly advises participants on AOSpine membership options

Dante Marchesi assisting Russian participants during the practical workshop session

Regional faculty Claudio Lamartina and Dante Marchesi during the coffee break

Alexander Dulaev shows participants the best techniques during the practical session

Aslan Valiev assists participants in the practical excersizes

Claudio Lamartina joins Dmitry Dulaev and Alexander Dulaev during the session

AOSpine booth with Aslan Valiev advising fellow faculty member Alexander Dulaev on the AOSpine membership

Co-chairperson of the event Alexander Mushkin during the practical session

Dante Marchesi lecturing to the 40 Russian participants during the event

Co-chairperson Olga Perlmutter during the closing ceremony

Co-chairperson Alexander Mushkin thanks the participants during the closing ceremony

Faculty and Participant Group Photo

Дата: 2010-06-03